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Stigma: With the stigma of mental health issues in the military, it is difficult for heroes to express the need for help for inevitable post-combat trauma. When they do ... many find it is not effective or readily available.
Unprotected Against Addictions: Because of the stigma attached, too many of heroes do not ask for help and are left to self-diagnose and self- medicate. This too often leads to overdose, addiction, and suicide.
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No War No Care:  Heroes must wait in line to receive necessary benefits and care. The line is long with some veterans waiting up to years. Some heroes must travel hundreds of miles to reach their nearest VA facility. Many are denied benefits because their ailments are deemed "pre-existing" and not "service connected".
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Financial Jeopardy: With an alarming backlog of claims and a higher rate of unemployment than the civilian population, our heroes are facing rapid financial hardship.

- The removal of pre-existing conditions

- Automatic Enrollment in the VA

- Automatic System of Care and Benefits

- 6 Months Automatic Readjustment Counseling

- Open the Private Medical Sector During Wartime

Removal of Pre-Existing Conditions: Once a military member is deemed "fit for duty" his or her health or personality should not be called into question. Currently our veterans must prove that their injuries or mental health issues are "service connected". This is a frustrating and time consuming process for our returning heroes. If a combat troop has a clean bill of health going into combat, and returns with a health issue, the necessary benefits and care should be received without the possibility of being denied due to a "pre-existing personality disorder" or "pre-existing condition".
Automatic Enrollment in the VA: No  time will be lost in the enrollment process as the new veteran contemplates the need for assistance. The veteran would be encouraged to seek help for their needs, and the VA would have a better system of records with accurate numbers, and better assessment of what our heroes need.
Automatic Care and Benefits:  Automating the system of care and benefits would be a rapid, paperless way of providing assistance to  heroes. A hero would receive their health screening before deployment. When they return, they would receive another health screening. The two screenings would be compared.  Any apparent health issues would garner the hero automatic benefits and treatment.
6 Months Automatic Readjustment Counseling:  This is one of the key components of The Coming Home Moving Forward Campaign to lower the high rate of suicide, and protect veterans from the perils of self-diagnosis and self-medication. If all combat troops receive 6 months counseling regardless of rank or experience in theater, the stigma will be removed from the military and the veteran would be safeguarded against the pitfalls of life after war. 6 months automatic counseling assists our heroes in their tranistion from life at war to life at home.
Open the Private Medical Sector During Wartime: This would alleviate the wait for care that many veterans face. It would be a tremendous help to those  who must travel hundreds of miles to receive treatment from their nearest VA facility.